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A passion project in my home town

The history of Holly Creek is an elusive one. The bones of the house were built in the 1930s and the property was a fully functioning mink farm -- a lucrative industry for the area throughout the mid-century. The house seemed stuck in its 1968 remodel so, during 2018, I was fortunate enough to enlist the help of family, friends and my two hands to return the house to its farmhouse roots. I wanted to restore as much of its original charm as possible and give it a name suited to the property and the Hollywood Hill area in which I grew up. And so, Holly Creek. 

Woodinville welcomed Chateau Ste. Michelle in 1976, Columbia Winery about ten years later, and Red Hook Brewery during the following decade. With these established businesses already in the area, the wine industry, along with craft beer and spirits, began to flourish just after the millennium. Woodinville is now home to well over one hundred wine, beer and spirits businesses! I couldn't turn a blind eye to the opportunity to create something of my own among the growing tourism industry in my town.

Born and raised in Woodinville, I needed to experience life elsewhere, so I dove head first into hospitality. My experience ranges from large resorts and small fishing lodges, to world class ski resorts and tour guiding for a worldwide bicycle vacation company. After being in the industry since 2010, my vision for Holly Creek is what ultimately brought me back to Woodinville, now I am able to share my home town with others. I hope you feel a sense of home at Holly Creek. I look forward to meeting you!

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